We develop & maximise markets for physical commodities from the African continent.

Established by a team of senior traders and entrepreneurs, Hislop International specialises in the trade and physical supply of various commodities.
We believe Mauritius is the gateway for doing business on the African continent.
Allow us to elaborate.
Top GII Ranking
Mauritius ranks first in Africa for Global Innovation Index. It has a well-developed banking, legal and accounting sector, and a great reputation as an international finance center of substance.
Tax Benefits
Mauritius has Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements with 45 countries, there are no foreign exchange controls, and it is a OECD whitelisted jurisdiction.
Low Operation Costs
The costs of operating in this jurisdiction are relatively low compared to well-known jurisdictions such as Dubai, Singapore, Jersey and or Guernsey.
Our Management Team
Hylton Hale
Chief Executive Officer
With 33 years of experience in the construction and mining industries, Hylton directs Afrimat Offshore Limited, an offshore holding company based in Mauritius.
Walter Hislop Anderson
Sales Director
Walter is a Director at Hislop Anderson commodities. He is experienced in supply chain management and physical commodities trading.
William Du Toit
Independent Director
With 21 years experience as a Trustee in Africa, William has specialty knowledge on private banking, investment, and equity management.
Francois Munnik
Sales manager
Francois is a Senior Trader at Hislop Anderson Commodities. His speciality areas include anthracite and thermal coal.
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